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338,270,243 bullets available

Various calibers.. Call for exact pricing and quantity

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Brass (De-primed / Resized / Cleaned)

Selling as a parcel and not separately.

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450/577 reloading dies required

looking to buy 450/577 reloading dies

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9mmP Brass Boxer x1000 (4kg) lots

9mmP Brass cases boxer primer Once & Twice fired. Sold by 1000 (4kg) lots. R1500 per 1000.

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458 Reloading Components

100 x Hornady 300gr Hollow Point – R 500 50 x Hornady DSG 500gr Solid Point – R 600 50 x Hornady 350gr Soft Point […]

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44 Brass


270 x 44 Magnum Primed Brass + 493 x Bullets + 2 x Storage Cases (200 Bulle...

Brand New Primed 44 Magnum Brass. Sold my 44, so no longer needed.

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Herwinde punt


Stewart Core Bonded Bullets.

Stewart Custom Core Bonded Bullets for sale. The best South-African Bullet to use when Africa gets tough! Please visit: http://sapremiumbullets.yolasite.com/stewart-bullets.php to view our premium bullets […]

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S.A. Premium Bullets


Premium Core Bonded and Monolithic Bullets

South African Premium Hunting Bullets for sale. When only the best is good enough. Delivery country wide. Please visit our website to view prices and […]

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Kriek Banner1


Kriek Monolithic Premium Hunting and Target Bullets for Sale

Kriek Premium Monolithic Bullets for sale. The perfect companion when you hunt on the far-away plains – Extremely Accurate – Extremely High Performance! Please visit […]

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Claw Core Bonded Hunting Bullets for Sale

Claw Core Bonded Bullets for sale. When you only have one chance to bring the bacon home. Please visit http://sapremiumbullets.yolasite.com/claw-bullets.php to view our product & […]

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